First video !

Howdy y’all !

As promised, here is a video of a Gamebuino running ! Well, it doesn’t show all the different features, but you can see that it’s able to run pretty bad-ass games : this one have eight monsters with individual AI, dozen of sprites, different weapons and even more !

Oh, and before I forget… here is the video :

Progress 2014-01-07

Assembly 2014-01-07I received the new batch of PCBs yesterday, so I’m now able to get back to work, starting by soldering.

With 0.5 mm between the pads, I hope it will work fine this time… wish me good luck ! I look forward mass-producing, hand-soldering is so tedious >_>

Once this new version of the prototype will be up and running, I’ll be able to get back to programming, and hopefully make a video of a bad-ass demo game I previously made.

Back to work soon

I’ve not be very active on the Gamebuino project this last month, because I burnt my prototype (hem) and I’m waiting for the next batch of PCBs (which should arrive anytime soon). I hope to be able to make some fancy demo video in the coming month, but I can’t promise anything. Once I’ll be back at home (February), I should have plenty of time to spend on Gamebuino.

Gamebuino R3

Here is the last Gamebuino version :

First Gamebuino Prototype

…just kidding, it’s a picture of the first Gamebuino prototype I made six months ago.

Gamebuino R3

Here is the actual last version, I received and soldered it yesterday, it should be very close to the final version. Now I can make some fancy photos/videos to illustrate the website… but before I have to finish the library (almost done !) and code a few games.