Gamebuino Advanced prototype has been built

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Gamebuino Advanced prototype has been built

Postby Duhjoker » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:14 am

Ive been away for a lil bit and decided to work on finishing my hardware prototype. The code is fine but skills need work and some reviewing.

I went through a few different designs fir the case. I started with a flodibg case but was a nightmare so i decided on a hex shape. The shoulders are at the top chamfers. I also used some advanced techniques found in professional plastic toys and game controllers. So what i did was recessed all the buttons where they were flush with the case on the inside. I did the same with the screen but not flush. This was excellent in controlling the profile thickness as i was able to also insulate and glue the battery directly to the screen.

Theres plenty of room for more processor too. Whether it be a teensy 3.2 to a 3.6 layed side ways in the case as seen in the. Im having some trouble right now getting the screen working again but i will post more pics and a video soon

im actually thinking of going ESP which will also fit nice and with 4mbits flash and 16more can be adeed it should alleviate the need for an sd card for now. Plus its faster and has wifi and blue tooth. IOT baby. I hear theres away to add emulators for NES so thats a plus and gives extra playabilty.



All it needs now though is a back. And some artistic wiring. If any body wants a case to make thier own, i can print it for you.
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