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Ever wanted to solder your own console ? MAKERbuino is what you need!

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MAKERbuino is a Gamebuino spin-off made by Albert Gajšak, a young croatian inventor. He loved the Gamebuino since the initial campaign, but he always wanted a version you can solder yourself... so he made one. This is a great example of how open-source projects like Gamebuino can inspire people to learn programming and electronics.

It's compatible with Gamebuino, so you can play more than 50 games created by the community without re-compilation!

Maruino by AJSB113Copter Strike by Frakass101 Starship by Zoglu


A detailed guide with lots of pictures is included to make assembly super-easy: MAKERBuino build guide     (age 11+ advised)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the community on the Gamebuino Forum

DISCLAIMER: This is not a Gamebuino product. Eventhough we support this project by selling it in the shop and hosting it on the forum and website, we can not be held responsible of any defect or malfunction. If you have any issue, please contact Albert directly.