Ready to make your first game?

We think that programming should not be hard. It should even be fun. So instead of doing long and boring courses, or disorganized tutorials, we give your Gamebuino Workshops. Here are our rules:
  • Short, intense and fun - No time to get bored !
  • Demo or die - You'll always end up with something to show off
  • Independant... - You know the basics? Start from the chapter 2
  • ...yet structured - Go from "my first game ever" to "a killer AI", one game at a time

The Gamebuino Workshops

Chapter 0 : Getting into it

META Manual Get to know your console

Add some games Why not start with a little game ?

Gamebuino META setup Install everything you need to get started.

Chapter 1 : First video game

hello, world The first program of any developer.

Tally counter Count stuff, from stock to people!

Bouncing ball This time it's moving by itself!

Pong Make your very first complete game!

Artificial intelligence for Pong Go head-to-head with your Gamebuino!

Chapter 2 : Our first steps into the arcade!


Catch The Egg


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