[Classic] Restoring a non-useable Gambuino Classic



6 years ago

This is going to be long, but I figured I'd share the story of how I un-killed my Classic for those who are not on Discord.

So, I got my Classic back when the IndeoGoGo campaign came out. I used it quite a bit (mostly playing UFO Race because that was a fun game that I could see on the small screen), but when Myndale's Emulator came out, I stopped using it very much. the battery life tanked pretty quickly with how long it was going between charges. And it started to have issues with staying on unless I plugged in the USB cord.

It was while I was uploading the bootloader when the GB just cut off, and wouldn't turn back on. The USB loading never worked right after the FTDI driver update of doom, and it wouldn't take anything from the programmer, either. I figured I killed it. Without a Gamebuino to test my games on prior to release, I stepped back from the community as well. In retrospect, I should have just asked for some advice.

It sat in my desk drawer for a bit over a year since I'd messed with it last. And then I heard about the META, which reminded me that I never did figure out what went wrong exactly. I decided to pull it out for a second look while I mulled over whether to back or not. I still couldn't get it to do anything.  


NEW 6 years ago

(update, looks like I'll be getting a new screen, too. That's becoming rather.... temperamental.... loosing the case hasn't help it any. I can probably whip something up for that on the printer quick)