Gamebuino META

Play retro games and learn coding with a console Made in France


Dozens of retro, exclusive and free games


Make your first game in under an hour, no experience needed


Compatible with Arduino programs and shields


Join a worldwide community to create together and find help

A green console

We take this very seriously.

See how it's made

Gamebuino Reviews

Don’t take our word. Check out what the Gamebuinians say.


9.3/10 (54 reviews)

"Great product, great people. Lots of transparency. Fun with user base. Would recommend completely."

- Mike


5/5 (27 reviews)

"The balance between designing for usability and tinkering is very good, great job!"

- Delio


5/5 (13 reviews)

"Amazing support staff helped make sure i would receive my Gamebuino on time even with the silly error I made while backing."

- Dihydrogen


Gamebuino won many design and innovation awards

After a though competition against 20+ EdTech start-ups, Gamebuino earned the first place.

We were honored to win a French international design award, as we are in the Unesco City of Design.

BPI awarded us grants reserved to the most innovative and promising start-ups.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at

How long does it take to learn how to program?

We hate long and boring classes. We're not fan of disorganized tutorials. You will learn progressively by doing with the help of the online Gamebuino Academy. Your very first game will be running in under an hour.

Even I can learn to code?

We'll teach you coding from scratch. No previous experience required. No need to be a "nerd". It's time to get started... and the Community is here to help! Note that our users are between 12 and 60+, but motivation makes everything!

How do I create my own games?

You type the code on your computer, the game runs on the Gamebuino, thanks to the provided USB cable. The required software is free and compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even Raspberry Pi. Any computer will do.

What is the programming language?

You will program with Arduino, so the language used is C and C++. It's an essential language that you'll be able to reuse for many other things, beyond video games.

Where can I order?

The products are in stock and we ship worldwide (and beyond) for free. Order today on our online shop and join the adventure!

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Can I teach with Gamebuino?

Of course and that would be awesome! Contact us if you have any question or to receive a special quotation for our all-in-one class pack :)

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Meet the team

Oh hey, that's us!


Launched the thing


From spare parts to your mailbox


Writes all the code o/

Our values

We want to wet your curiosity and give you a better understanding of the world we live in. Make you a maker. Programming and electronics should be accessible to anybody, because making is so much fun.

Stay open, honest & humble

We are whole. Everything is much simpler with no secrets. We are not here for our personal success, but because we are part of something bigger.

Put passion before money

We have to be profitable to pay the rent, but earning more is not the ultimate goal. We take decisions based on our values, not on the maximum possible outcome.

Play by the rules

If we want to stick around, we have to be sustainable. We think local, use recycled materials, avoid useless waste. We don't cheat, we pass due certifications and pay taxes.

Learn & grow

There is always more to be known and to be done. We learn from anybody we meet. We never settle and we are ambitious, because it's always easier than it seems.

Be creative & adventurous

We question everything and love to venture off the beaten tracks. Don't be a passive consumer, join us as an active creator and you will feel the accomplishment.

Create fun with a spark of madness

Working seriously shouldn't prevent us from taking things lightly. We have fun no matter when. If something is boring or not amusing, we just change it. YOLO.

The story

If you're curious to know how all this happened :)


The idea

Aurélien was 20 when he made an Arduino game console for fun. As people started asking how to make one as well, he knew it was time to clean things up.


Classic Launch

After two years of learning how to make PCBs and prototyping while studying mechanical engineering, Aurélien eventually launched the Gamebuino Classic on Indiegogo. It was a huge surprise to see that it passed the goal 10 times with 33,164€ raised.

Aurélien had never launched a product or manufactured electronics before, yet the 1000 pre-orders were shipped on time and user feedback was really positive.


Adventure time

Aurélien graduated and started doing cool stuff in in the fields of robotics, vision and AI. But there were so many things to improve on the Gamebuino, he eventually quit his job and went full time on the project to prepare a new version.


META Launch

The product, the website and everything else was re-thought from scratch based on the experience gained with the Gamebuino Classic. This resulted in a far superior product and user experience. Katrin and Sandra joined the team. This time, 66,337€ were raised on Kickstarter.


All shipped

All consoles were shipped on time and we got overwhelmingly positive user feedback. But it's far from the end. We continuously test and improve the website and content to get the best user experience. Oh, and we hire, see the link in the footer.

What's next?

More cool stuff to come, subscribe to the newsletter to stay tuned ;)


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