Progress 2014-03-15


Aurélien Rodot

6 years ago

We are now getting near 50% of funding! \o/

Please make some noise about the campaign so we can reach our goal and make Gamebuino a reality!

Myndale did a great work on the bootloader, you can now load games for the SD card, you’ll no longer need a computer every time. That’s really neat, convenient, and there is no more memory limitation, as you can split your game in several parts! I’ll take a video next week to show how magic it is!

The development is progressing well, I did the “LOADER” : it’s a browser which allows you to select games from your SD card and load them (thanks to Myndale’s bootloader). I also cleaned the code and added settings to disable some features when you’re short on memory.

I should receive the prototype of the acrylic enclosure soon, I’ll post pictures asap!

Thank you for you support!

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