il y a 5 ans

This tutorial follows the first Affine tutorial and shows how to re-use the same concepts now to display the picture with a 3D effect. It shows as well how to do the same with a 16x16 tile map, and build a kart mini-game.

The content of the tutorial is on my GitHub page together with all the source code and the assets. So please head to:

A few words about the control of the sketch:

  • For the first parts: A to go to next part, B to come back
  • In Kart mini-game mode:
    • A and UP: acceleration (press both for high speed)
    • DOWN: deceleration or reverse
    • LEFT/RIGHT: Turn left/right
    • B: exit to previous part


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NEW il y a 5 ans

Great demo! And the code is very clean and readable, well done!


NEW il y a 5 ans

Whoa, that's a well-documented project! Many optimization tricks can be found, I don't understand all of em but I'm still trying to.


NEW il y a 5 ans

This is just looking too amazing!