How to add Gamebuino Meta to PlatformIO?


il y a 5 ans

I don't like the base IDE for Adruino. I would prefer to use VSCode and PlatformIO is an addon which lets you work with Adruino boards.

It also supports other code editors such as Eclipse. 

PlatformIO already allows you to install the Gamebuino Meta Library, however it can't find Gamebuino Meta board in its search. 

Instructions for adding new platforms and boards are here:

The problem is that I don't understand what they are telling me to do. Any ideas?

It would be really great to have Gamebuino easily integrate with PlatformIO, that way we can have a choice of many IDEs to use in development.


NEW il y a 5 ans

You could download the board zip manually ( ) and convert its platform.txt and board.txt into the json formats needed for platformIO