il y a 6 ans

Hi everyone!

LED-buino is an game where you need to go through colorful gates.
Each gate have his own randomly generate color.
To show which gate you need to passed I use meta LEDs, which makes them necessary for playing.

Game have two difficulty levels, easy with 4 gates and hard with 5 gates.
Because there is no "LEDs thing" in emulator, you can turn on displaying color on screen in menu.

-Use d-pad to move left and right ( you can also use B button to move right )
-A button to restart after you lost
-menu button to open/close menu
-A and B button in menu to change settings

For now i only used color such as: red, green, light blue, yellow, white and pink.
That's because I am a color blind :P

But if you tested all colors on LEDs and can see a diffrence between them, please let me know in comments so I can add them in update ( for example red and purple are same colors on LEDs and screen for me).

Have fun playing :D

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NEW il y a 6 ans

Wow, this is a really interesting idea, I absolutely love it! The only complaint I have is that the LED color for green looks somewhat turquise and so I confuse it with blue sometimes, but hey, that's just practice, right?


NEW il y a 6 ans

I find it funny how a game that fully revolves around colors, was made by a color blind gamebuinian :D

Anyhow, nice little game


NEW il y a 5 ans

I love this idea!