racing the beam



il y a 6 ans

does the M0 race the beam (constantly draw to screen), or is there a frame-buffer in the display module?  if the latter, can it be read (as well as written)?

i've enjoyed developing for the bitbox (*), and look forward to working on the gamebuino at some point in the future, when i have the time :).

Aurélien Rodot

NEW il y a 6 ans

Hello there and welcome,

We do have a frame buffer in RAM that can be written and read at will :)


NEW il y a 6 ans

ok, but it's not a special buffer in a different chip, it's in the RAM of the M0, right?

of course it could be different for the meta, but here it looks like internally you're racing the beam:


NEW il y a 6 ans

The display buffer resides in SRAM and at 25 FPS it is pushed to the display via SPI. The memory from the screen itself cannot be read, we can only write to it.