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Profitez des jeux à pleine vitesse avec son et lumières sur la Gamebuino META !
Emulateur par aoneill

(Runs in newest emulator, drop DiggerMETA+.bin here: Emulator by aoneill).

Port of the old KC85-game Digger for our Gamebuino-META.

It is based of the orig. programmed version scmar/DiggerMETA with a lot of extensions and improvements, examples: highscore, softscrolling, more animations, original soundeffects and support of the lights...

Derniers commentaires

il y a 4 mois

I have renamed the project from “DiggerMETA+” to “DiggerPLUS”.
The “+” in the name can be a problem some times.

Also i have updated the binary, i have found some optimizations for 15% lower CPU-time.


il y a 4 mois

@tikkel (or @tikkel1 ? )
I did an update (with no changes of course) on your creation on the website, to trigger again the topic creation. And it worked, but since I’m ths one who did the action, the author of the topic is me…
Anyway, it’s better than nothing, at least you’ll be able to get feedbacks :wink: !