A 2D platformer where you travel deeper and deeper underground. 

This is an early work in progress. I will update as progress is made.

Technical Details

I wanted to what I could do with the 160×128 resolution. Rather than using the gb.display to draw, this game uses gb.tft to render directly to the screen. It also uses some DMA tricks. The screen is rendered in 8 pixel tall strips, top to bottom. While DMA is sending pixels for one of these strips, a second buffer is being calculated with the next strip. Right now I am able to have a foreground layer, a background layer (for parallax effect) and a character sprite using the full 5-6-5 color space at 40 fps!

Derniers commentaires

il y a 10 mois
Author :  AntoineSama


I'm new in the community, and I'm really impressed by your 2d platformer.

I didn't know that kind of game can be made for the Gamebuino..

By the way, bravo

il y a 11 mois
Author :  megaman_6

This looks great, I hope to see more of this.

Wanted to give a bit of feedback, hope you don't take it the wrong way.

The disappearing platforms, I think that having them just disappear with no prior indication can add to a lot of frustration and make the timing more difficult. They kind of remind me of the ones from Megaman 1 and 2, which I recently played on my 3DS in the Megaman legacy collection. What makes them good in Megaman is the sound and the animation to indicate that they will disappear a moment right before they do, the same thing happens when they reappear.

I know that this is just an early build of the game, just wanted to say my opinion.

il y a 1 an
Author :  jicehel

You're crazy. Genious seems always crazy for normal people, don't you know ? Amazing. I like alot your crazy game. Don't you come from an alternate reality ? Please help us to learn to do as well as you do...