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Par Alban, il y a 5 ans

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G.R.O.G.: Graphics Renderer Optimized for Gamebuino

I've had this project going on since the release of my previous game, Project88. This is a proof of concept for a Virtua Racing-like engine. 

Although I am very proud of the performance level I have reached, I don't feel like I will build a game on this. What eats up CPU cycles is mostly the rasterization part, which I've tried to optimize to the bone, but not leaving many cycles left. On the memory side, my implementation is fairly light. I believe one could do a game like a space shooter, where triangles don't cover the screen, but this feels limited.

I've documented as much as I estimated relevant: specifics to the implementation, API usage, tricks etc. For 3D rendering 101, which is a huge domain, I suggest you have a look on the web at how transformation and projection matrices work, and how vertex buffers are usually used. You'll find all these notions put to good use in my code.

The link to the documentation is here: