Gruniożerca /ˈʊˈʐɛr.t͡sa/ Meta is a port of a simple homebrew NES game. Help Grunio the Guinea Pig collect all the carrots!

The game is WIP, full version expected summer 2018 with a very limited boxed collector's edition! The game will of course, remain free and open-source.

This version tries to improve as much as possible on the NES original by using as many Meta features as deemed suitable.

The Meta version includes animated bitmaps (WIP due to a fixed glitch in bitmap cropping routine of the pre-release Meta library), sound support, colourful graphics and addictive gameplay.

Full version will include a full campaign mode, unlockable levels, achievements and more!

How to play: press A to change between Grunio (black) and Dida (white) and try to collect as many veggies of matching colours as possible. Three mistakes and you're out. The game gets more difficult the better you do.

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NEW il y a 3 mois

Hi. In my gamebuino sound don't work.


NEW il y a 9 mois

That's awesome. I's a simple game, but really has a lot going for it; cute art style, cute basic idea. So it's great that more content is coming


NEW il y a 9 mois

archonik archonik

Woot, out of the way, i gotta catch the hypetrain! I wonder where the tiny guinea pig figure is, though, i loved the little fella.