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Emulateur par aoneill

Hello World.

Be indulgent, it's my first game, i never "seriously" programmed before :)

So it's a falldown-like game, with some physics. I ended the "graphic" part, i hope you like it. Now i will work on lights and sound.

I also give him a name, something more original than "falldown". 

"Oubliettes" is the french word for dungeons.

Le code est très largement commenté en français, n'hésitez pas y jeter un oeil et à me suggérer des corrections !

How to play :

You must stay away from spikes and green slime. More you're higher, more 

you score !  Staying in the slim will not kill you, but slowly drain you score !

  • Catch yellow potions to refill your power (+small score bonus).
  • Catch red potions for big scores bonus.

  • Left and Right to roll
  • Up to jump
  • to boost (will consume your power)
  • to brake (will consume your power)
  • MENU to pause

In the main screen, you can see your best score when you pressed B and enable debug mode (cpu and ram) while press B & MENU.

Thanks, and share your scores !!