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Neonrattle is a 360-degree snake game. Last update: 2018-06-17 version 0.1.0

Press A to start moving, then steer the snake with dpad left and right. This version has a single large level.


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NEW il y a 2 semaines

This is looking really fantastic!


NEW il y a 2 semaines

Hey, I'm back to work on Neonrattle! Here's a preview of upcoming version 0.2.0:

The snake collides with itself now, but it's not an instant death instead it just loses life points. There's also new animations and lots of under-the-hood improvements. Hoping to release 0.2.0 later next week, after I make a couple of levels.


NEW il y a 4 mois

Juice_Lizard Juice_Lizard

Thanks! I might make it so the snake collides with itself in the next version, haven't decided yet. Enemy snakes are also a thought, in which case it might be better to only collide with other snakes and not with yourself. Gonna get back to work on this game soon, stay tuned :-)