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Emulateur par aoneill

(no emulator support)

Stuck is a quite large bow-n-arrow platformer game starring a female hero (looking a lot like Merida from Brave). The game is influenced by Hexen for the open-world puzzles and Commander Keen for the secret areas and general platform mechanics.

The game has no linear sequence of levels, but exists of many areas that are interconnected by teleports, forming one large world. After the introduction area, the game takes you to the hub level "The Seven Portals". This level acts as the central place in the world from which you access three (hard-ish) puzzle areas that need to be solved in sequence. Each puzzle takes place in multiple areas though, so, you might want to backtrack to the hub level and explore other areas if you exhausted your options in a certain area and seem to be stuck. After the three puzzles, you can access the boss level.

The game starts easy and gradually introduces more concepts and difficulty. No worries though: it saves your progress automatically upon each teleportation in the saveslot you chose at the startup of the game (the gem picking menu), so remember which of the four gems you picked so you can continue playing later.

I expect the playthrough to be around 2 hours, but I had testers take a lot longer, so ... enjoy!!!

Faits divers:

  • you will acquire extra skills throughout the game accompanied by tutorials. You need these skills to reach new areas...
  • There are many secret areas!
  • There is no cow level...
  • The boss has no death animation because the flash ram space is maxed out, I really did my best to stay within the bounds.
  • I used the opensource "Tiled" as a level editor and made a converter in .NET that translates the level tiles, triggers and teleports metadata to a format that my engine understands. This way, I could freely create the gameworld without programming.
  • collisions, gravity and the dynamic arrow motion is done using a simplified fixedpoint algebra (I keep track of the physical vectors multiplied by 8 (<< 3) to have sub-integer precision (and divide only back to normal for rendering output)
  • The game's codename was Pogo, so you may find that name here and there in the source code...
  • The source code also includes the .NET converter tool. It was used to encode the levels and sprites to my engine's 16 and 2 bit image formats (2 bit saves a lot of flash ram). This converter tool is written quick 'n dirty with some hardcoded filepaths etc... so, expect complexity :)


  • A - jump
  • B - shoot
  • hold B - aim with up and down before shooting
  • menu - shows skill menu (and which ones you have)