A HUGE THANK YOU to the 757 backers who funded the Gamebuino. 200% of the goal reached for a whooping €66,337 raised. Wow.

We already ordered all the components this week, so manufacturing should start in January. We expect to ship your perks in January/February.

You've heard enough from me already, so let's listen to the Gamebuinians.

> Reaching this point was a lot of fun. I am very happy that so many people backed us and I am excited to see what stuff the community will come up with and where the future will lead us. – Sorunome  

> The trip was a long one, but with Aurélien at the helm, we made it. It was one amazing adventure I was glad to be part of. When I got my hands on the prototype I knew I was holding something special. The Gamebuino Meta will help push the DIY open source console scene forward and I can't wait to see what amazing projects the Meta-Gamebuinians will come up with. – Drakker

> I was one of the lucky people to get an early device and so far it has been a lot of fun programming a platformer for the device. The hardware is great and there are lots of possibilities with the extensive API. I cannot wait for the public to get theirs to play and I look forward to see what other devs make for it! – Siegfried Croes

We already have real games in the works! Cats & Coins by Siegfried Croes

We already have real games in the works! Cats & Coins by Siegfried Croes

 > La fin du Kickstarter mais le début d'une nouvelle grande aventure. Avec une Team Gamebuino, plus unie et motivée que jamais. Et ça, grâce au soutien de nos 757 contributeurs. Un immense merci à chacun d'entre vous ! – Sandra

Merry Christmas Gamebuinians,