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6 years ago

New logo & New landing page

Because in the Gamebuino Team we’re not afraid of change. This is our new logo! You might have already seen it here and there, and we really hope that you’re gonna like it! But this is not all, we also changed and redesigned the landing page. As Usual, don’t hesitate to take a look and give us feedback ?


Learn to code this summer!

Summer is here and so is our new offer! You can now choose between our 3 different offers:

  • The Gamebuino META
  • The Deluxe Pack that allows you to save 6€
  • The Collector Pack that allows you to save 20€

If you want to know more about the packs’ content: 

 Learn more!

And if you are already part of the Gamebuino community, you can buy all the accessories and goodies individually. ?


Created in 2003 thanks to the HackerzVoice team, inspired by the famous DEF CON in Las Vegas, the Night of Hack is one of the oldest underground francophone conference about hacking. Composed of conferences, workshops, and challenges, the Night of Hack wants to bring professionals of computer security and all kinds of hackers together. This event allows them to discover the latest technical progresses and to evaluate their skills in this field of activity.

And this year, we were there with our Gamebuino META!

New Super fast INSTALLATION!

Getting started with the Arduino IDE is now much faster and simpler. Instead of following an 18-step guide for 30-something minutes, all you now have to do is download a zipped folder. Once unzipped, you are ready to make games! Everything is already preconfigured for you ?

(All operating systems were taken into account ?)

 Let's go!

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