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Download and extract the pre-configured Arduino IDE

You need the Arduino IDE software to type your code and send it to the Gamebuino over the USB cable.

Good thing we cooked you a ready-to-use portable version! Simply download the right one according to your operating system and extract it.

Windows Linux 64-bit Mac

Do the (longer) manual setup instead

Then, decompress the file that you just downloaded. This step may take a moment or two; you can kill some time by up-voting a few creations ;)

Once the file is decompressed, open the folder and run "arduino".

And voilà! The software is ready to be used!

Compile and run your game

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NEW 1 month ago


J'ai installé IDE Arduino OK
Puis  la carte SAMD OK 

Mais impossible de trouver Gamebuino META : cf log ci dessous

J'ai réussi à installé la bibliothèque

Merci de votre aide car je suis bloqué


NEW 1 month ago

Ce tutoriel est super. Cependant, les headers HTML choisis (h2) pour les titres des sections I Installer la carte, et II Installer la bibliothèque porte à confusion. Sauf erreur de ma part, ces sections concernent uniquement la méthode non portable (header h3). Mais on a l'impression qu'elles concernent les deux méthodes. Il faudrait donc réduire leur importance en leur attribuant des headers inférieurs à la méthode non portable : h4.


NEW 1 month ago


thanks a lot for the link! I hadn't read that article since my french is really bad (it was solely my second foreign language (after english) at school), but I will try to understand it.