// strings:
void gb.gui.keyboard( const char* title , char* text [, uint8_t length] )
// Multilang:
void gb.gui.keyboard( const MultiLang* title , char* text [, uint8_t length] [, uint8_t numLang] )

gb.gui.keyboard displays a keyboard in which you can enter a message. You can also provide a default text.


  • const char* | const MultiLang* title: title which to display
  • char* text: this acts both as the default text and as the output buffer
  • uint8_t length (optional): the length in characters of the buffer, meaning if this is e.g. 12 your text buffer should be char[13] due to the added '\0'. If not provided, it is attempted to be autodetermined
  • uint8_t numLang (optional): number language entries for MultiLang title. If not provided, it is attempted to autodetermine it




#include <Gamebuino-Meta.h>

void setup() { gb.begin();

// ask the player for their favorite animal char text[12] = "Foxies"; gb.gui.keyboard("Favorite Animal?", text);

gb.display.clear(); gb.display.println("You entered:"); gb.display.print(text); }

void loop() { while(!gb.update()); }