Get a custom Gamebuino META case!

By Sandra, 5 years ago

I'm a' firing mah lazer!!

Howdy y'all, Aurélien speaking! This week I wanted to tell you about a lil experiment I did: engrave the Gamebuino with a laser. I love lasers. Lasers are cool. Kudos to LDWorkshop for the help.


Worry not, these are just the early test. We'll post the final result on Facebook tomorrow with a contest to get your own engraved Gamebuino case... with a custom message :D

So, what messages would you want? Who would you give it to?

Pick of the Week

(by Sandra)

This week, we choose a game which is simple but very cool to play to!

Oubliette by GEED

Oubliette is a Falldown-like game. The only things you have to know to play: 

You must stay away from spikes and green slime, and try to get the yellow and red potions in order to refill your power and get some score bonuses!

This game is the first one created by Geed, and it directly get the “Quality Seal Gamebuino”. A beautiful proof that even if you are a beginner, you can have quickly a very good result! Thanks GEED!