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Emulator by aoneill

Hello World.

Be indulgent, it's my first game, i never "seriously" programmed before :)

So it's a falldown-like game, with some physics. I ended the "graphic" part, i hope you like it. Now i will work on lights and sound.

I also give him a name, something more original than "falldown". 

"Oubliettes" is the french word for dungeons.

Le code est très largement commenté en français, n'hésitez pas y jeter un oeil et à me suggérer des corrections !

How to play :

You must stay away from spikes and green slime. More you're higher, more 

you score !  Staying in the slim will not kill you, but slowly drain you score !

  • Catch yellow potions to refill your power (+small score bonus).
  • Catch red potions for big scores bonus.

  • Left and Right to roll
  • Up to jump
  • to boost (will consume your power)
  • to brake (will consume your power)
  • MENU to pause

In the main screen, you can see your best score when you pressed B and enable debug mode (cpu and ram) while press B & MENU.

Thanks, and share your scores !!

Last comments

1 year ago
Author :  jicehel

Depend of the rights on the music. Someone give permission but by default, you can't.

1 year ago
Author :  Sorunome

No, it isn't. It depends on how the artist licensed the music etc. There are some websites where you can find royalty-free music, like and

Be sure to follow the license, and if the creator requires to give credits, do so.

Just taking some random music and using that, even if in a non-commercial way, is generally not legal.

EDIT: especially with random CDs you have laying around, some record company holds the licenses and you are generally not allowed to use them, even in a non-commercial way (in a way without you earning money)

EDIT2: and with most classical pieces, some random record companies also hold the copyright for, if not the songs, the specific recordings. Be very careful with music. When in doubt, you are probably not allowed to use the track you are wanting to use

EDIT3: same goes for art.

This is why the Creative Commons license is so great for art&music, as it easily&quickly shows you what you can or can't do with that piece

EDIT4: maybe i'll add more edits, i don't know yet xD

1 year ago
Author :  geed

Yes, it's why i want use (old) classic music. Directly from partition (via .midi) and interpreted via a midi instrument (not a "direct" conversion of a CD or youtube rip).