The New Gamebuino Meta Mockups Thread



1 week ago

Alright, so I'll throw the ball to get this moving. My rendition of an old classic, Commander Keen, more specifically, inside the Vorticon space ship in Commander Keen 2.


NEW 1 week ago

While rocking the EGA palette... I might as well do Thexder.


NEW 1 week ago

Hey, don't forget to make a "mockup" creation with the tag #assets so your superb pixel art doesn't get lost!

Some background for those who didn't have an IBM PC :) What's the EGA palette?


NEW 1 week ago

EGA Pallete for The IBM PC

Basicly a color pallete of 2nd generation of IBM’s graphics cards


NEW 1 week ago

Here's a quick mockup for a classic match-3 game with a medieval theme. 

This is actually adapted from an image I did many years ago for a game project on the Atari Lynx... turns out the display specs are very close (160x102 for the Lynx, 160x128 for the Meta, both in 16 colours).


NEW 2 days ago

3 good epic games alot of orks on them. Nice done. Seems very good.

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