Software engineer and video game dev. Currently working at Dontnod Entertainment

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Meta Hexagon

Meta Hexagon is a port/demake of Terry's Cavanagh Super Hexagon, a game where you try to avoid inco...

Gamebuino Sound FX Creation Tool (GSFX GUI)

The tool This tool was designed as an easy and interactive method for creating sound FX directly on ...


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Cats and Coins

END OF DEVELOPMENT This game has been cancelled for the Gamebuino META... A web version is currently...
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Defend Pluto

Defend Pluto is a vertical space shooter. LAST UPDATE: May 30 2018 - Version Beta 2 Move with the ...

Screen recording to Gif

Convert your recorded GMV or BMP files to a Gif! ...

Pixels on the Line slideshow

Pixels On The Line is a small Gamebuino Classic slideshow I programmed and released at the Cookie de...

Gamebuino Save format

This will explain you how to use the gamebuino save format, the interface. First, this will ...
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With a file called config-gamebuino.h you can easily configure the library dependent per sketch! To ...

Gamebuino META launched

Yesterday night, you were more than fifty to gather at our startup accelerator. Collaborators, contr...

Update #4: Now what?

Update #4 in on Kickstarter, check it out! ...