I'm one of the 'silent members', reading a lot of things here, but not saying so much. I was more active on the Gamebuino Classic forum with my 3 main games: Zombi Escape, Artillery and Copter Strike.

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Zombi Escape META

One man, lots of Zombies, one safe island... This small beat'em all is the colored version of the Ga...

Street Boxer 2

More Fighters, more Features, more Fun! In this second version, you can select your own fighters. E...
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Bird Hunt

Woof woof! This time, I propose a demake of a game which was famous... well... when I was young! :D...
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Last project I'm working on... Still have a lot to do, but need to share (to show that some Gamebui...


C'est simplement la version Gamebuino (pas HD) du jeu Game&Watch 'Octopus'. Jicehel a commencé il ...


Trop tard pour trouver un sapin de Noël? Les rayons de guirlandes électriques sont vides? De tout...


Another mini game: Mousquetaires, based on the basic rules of Rock-Paper-Scissors. 3 actions availa...


Hiver, froid... Allumez votre Gamebuino, et apportez un peu de chaleur dans votre foyer! *Peut serv...
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Cats and Coins

END OF DEVELOPMENT This game has been cancelled for the Gamebuino META... A web version is currently...
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Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times

Presenting Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times, an RPG-Adventure in which you assume the role of a boy ...
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METAtris is a game where you fill rows with blocks to clear them and try to survive as long as possi...
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Online META Emulator

AboutThis is a web-based emulator that I have been working on for the META. Provide a compiled META ...

Image Transcoder

Transcodeur d’images polyvalent Voici un nouvel outil pour transcoder vos images en C++. Il reconn...
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Hello World. Be indulgent, it's my first game, i never "seriously" programmed before :) So it'...
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Bumble Bots

Bumble Bots is a difficult puzzle action game. You control a bot which needs to find its way in sixt...

Manuel de la Gamebuino META

Vue d'ensemble La Gamebuino META permet aux joueurs de jouer aux jeux pixelisés qu'ils aimaient su...