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Gamebuino is a retro portable game console project based on Arduino. It allows you to easily make your own games… and even more.

Learn programming, it’s easy!

Because not everybody knows much about electronics & C++, documentation is included in order to help you progress quickly. And if you have any questions, just ask for some help from the Gamebuino community.


“That’s what I love about Gamebuino, it’s easy enough for beginners to start playing with immediately but restrictive enough to provide a decent challenge to those willing to push the hardware to its limit.”


So many games!

The Gamebuinians have created more than 50 awesome games, from Tetris to Pacman, but also Flappy Bird and alike. Check out the Games Gallery!

Maruino by AJSB113Copter Strike by Frakass101 Starship by ZogluSuper Crate Buino by RodotBomber by Clement2048 by JWINSLOW23


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  • CPU : atmega328 @ 16Mhz, like an Arduino Uno
  • Display : 84 x 48 black and white for infinite pixel art possibilities. Recycled from Nokia phones. Auto backlight
  • Sound : Speaker, up to 4 channels, 8 volume levels
  • Input : Arrows + A B C buttons
  • Communication : 1x micro USB, 1x micro SD card, 2x I2C
  • Battery : up to 24h life, LiPo battery, charged with a regular smartphone charger
  • Dimensions : smaller than it seems! 90*45*12 mm (3.5*1.8*0.5″)


A large code base!

To make things even simpler, a full library to help you develop games is included. You want to display a keyboard? Simply use keyboard()! You wanna rock out a fancy 4-channel music in the background while blasting and dashing through your level? Just call play(tetris)! Everything is included already, you only have to focus on making your game unique.

  • Graphic & game engine
  • Performance & battery monitoring
  • Sound effects & music
  • GUI : menus, keyboard
  • More awesome stuff

 Join friends!

To add some spice to your games, why don’t you make them multiplayer? You can daisy-chain several Gamebuino consoles together thanks to the I2C ports. Or you can use them to add modules like an accelerometer or vibration motor.

Hack it!

You can use you Gamebuino as an interface for any electronic system: as a controller, a monitor, a data-logger, a console, or whatever. Connect it with your computer, your 3D printer, or your last robotic project… the only limit is your imagination!


Order today for 39€!