Learn Python easily

Learning to code in Python is possible with Gamebuino!

What is Python?

Python is the language of the moment! Even if it is not very recent (almost thirty years), it's one of the most popular languages among developers. With a clear, object-oriented syntax, it's often described as the language for writing programs with the fewest lines of code.

Why learn Python? 🤔

Python is a easy to learn language, thanks to the readability of its code and the simplicity of use. It's an "interpreted" language, in other words you can execute it without compiling it. Not need to install another software, a simple text editor is enough!

But simplicity does not mean a lack of possibilities! If it's one of the preferred languages to learn programming (the Académie Française has chosen the Python language for the new high school reform), it also allows the creation of advanced programs, and many big companies use it for their applications: YouTube, Spotify, and even NASA claim its use!

Learn Python while having fun with Gamebuino!

If the final objective of Gamebuino (the creation of a game) is playful, we have put all our energy into making it a way for discovering the programming and becoming the ideal tool for learning Python.

Python on Gamebuino is as simple as that:

✅ Browse our tutorials : learn!
✅ Write your code on your favorite code editor: practice!
✅ Simply drag the file onto your Gamebuino: test and play!

Notre communauté en parle

Mon fils commence le Python l'année prochaine au lycée, du coup on a commencé à apprendre tous les deux grâce à la Gamebuino, et c'est top !
@Jicehel, membre Gamebuino

Tout le monde sur Internet parle du Python comme le langage à la mode, ça m'intringuait... Dès que j'ai su qu'on pouvait apprendre grâce à la Gamebuino, je me suis lancé et j'ai compris !
@Max, membre Gamebuino

« Life is better without braces » ... Quelle excellente nouvelle de voir débarquer Python sur la Gamebuino. Peut-être aura-t-on la chance de voir aussi apparaître Lua ?
@Steph, membre Gamebuino

Vous aussi, venez échanger avec nous !