Get started here

001  Quick software setup

Install everything needed on your computer to start making your own games.

  • Arduino IDE setup
  • Gamebuino library setup
  • Gamebuino board and driver setup

002  Compile and run a game

How to run your game on the Gamebuino Meta

  • Plug the console to the computer
  • Select the right board and port
  • Click upload and see the magic!

1. Make your very first games

101  hello, world

Your very, very first program

  • How to compile and run a program
  • Basic program structure and syntax
  • Print text on screen
  • Change text style

102  Tally counter

A small game to count things, from guests to sheeps!

  • What is a variable
  • "If" conditions
  • How to use buttons
  • Draw rectangles

103  Bouncing ball

Make your game move on its own with a ball bouncing on the screen edges

  • "If else" conditions
  • Use variables to create movement
  • Check for collisions
  • Make it bounce!

104  Pong

The famous game where you hit on the ball with a paddle

  • Advanced collision
  • Practice all you just learnt

105  Artificial Intelligence

Playing against humans is cool, but adding an AI is much cooler

  • Simple artificial intelligence
  • Add Randomness

2. Advanced games

201  TapTap

A 2 buttons game where you have to be really fast

  • Arrays
  • Game structure
  • Constants

202  Catch The Egg

Get all the falling eggs in your basket!

  • "for" loops
  • Use functions to tidy your code
  • min() and max()

203  Breakout

Break all the rainbow bricks with your ball

  • 2 dimensions arrays
  • Nested "for" loops
  • Practice !

To go further

301  Reference

Complete documentation of all the functions

  • Check how functions work
  • Find the right syntax

302  Update and install games

Your Gamebuino comes loaded with games, but you can add many more!

  • Add games on the memory card
  • Update your Gamebuino

303  Export Games and make Icon & Titlescreen

Now that it's done, it's time for everybody to play!

  • Export the bin file
  • Add to the micro SD card
  • Add thumbnail & icon
  • Put the Creation online

304  Quality Seal

Get your game certified as one of the best