Play and learn about programming, electronics and robotics

A game console to make your first game in less than an hour. Maker kits to go beyond

Make your first steps in programming

The Gamebuino console is a support for learning programming. You code on your computer by following the tutorials and you see the result live on your Gamebuino. You can create your first game in a matter of hours. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the defined tutorials accompany you on the Academy.

Play exclusive and free games

Dozens of games are already available: they were created by members of the Gamebuino community. Share your creations too.

Discuss with the Gamebuino community

Gamebuino is also a community of enthusiasts who meet on the forum to help each other and progress together. Ask your questions, answer those of others: bring your stone to the building.


They tried it

Great console and great community. It's a high quality product and the customer service really helped me.

Alice, 30

A fun gift for my son's 15th birthday, we make games together, it's nice to have something we share.

Bruno, 43

I've learnt on my own thanks to the Academy and made my very first game. It's awesome to run your own game on the console with the light effects.

Alexandre, 19

It's your turn to try the retro and educational console made in France, the maker kits, the accessories ...