// number:
bool uint16_t block , int32_t number)
// buffer:
bool uint16_t block , void* buffer , uint8_t buffersize)
bool uint16_t block , [const] char* buffer)
// object:
bool uint16_t block , T object ) will allow you to set something to the savefile. This function is slow! You specify the block you want to save to along with information as to what you want to save. It returns true on success.

  • Number You specify the number to save
  • Buffer You specify the buffer and buffer length to save, or you just specify a string pointer
  • Object You specify an arbitrary object


  • uint16_t block: block to save to
  • for the others see above


bool: true on success


#include <Gamebuino-Meta.h>

void setup() { gb.begin();

// set a number int32_t number = 42;, number);

// set a buffer char fox[] = "Fox";, fox); }

void loop() {