Port games from Classic to META

The old Gamebuino Classic has plenty of games. Good news, it's super easy to port them on the new Gamebuino META!


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Port games from Classic to META
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Install the libraries

First, do the Gamebuino META Setup tutorial to install the META board and library. You DO NOT need the Gamebuino Classic library.

Now you have to install these two libraries to be able to compile the Classic's games for the META.

https://github.com/Gamebuino/Gamebuino-Compat https://github.com/Gamebuino/Gamebuino-EEPROM

Download the *.zip files for each, then in Arduino click on "Sketch/Include Library/Add .ZIP Library".

Edit the classic game

No you can open a Gamebuino Classic Game and do the following modifications

A the top of the game you will find something like this (use CTRL+F to search).


#include <Gamebuino.h>
Gamebuino gb;


#include <Gamebuino-Compat.h>

Replace (if present)

#include <EEPROM.h>


#include <Gamebuino-EEPROM.h>

Remove (if present)

#include <SPI.h>

Compile for the META

  • Click on "Tools/Boards/Gamebuino META" (at the bottom of the list) to select the right device.
  • Click on "Sketch/Upload" or press "Ctrl + U" to compile and upload the program to the Gamebuino META.

Fix errors

If you get a whole bunch of error messages, don't panic. Some games might require a few more adjustments. Scroll up to find the first one and try to resolve it, then compile again. Repeat until there is no error. If you can't solve one, please post it here so we can help :)

Share the result Now that you've been through this, you should make a new Creation. This way others can play it directly and give you some delicious upvotes :)