A question from my crazy spirit



5 years ago

As all know, i suppose, i'm a little crazy. As now you know it, i can ask a question: the META purpose is mainly to learn to program and atm, the langage to learn is c, with specials instructions of the META to complete. It's not very difficult to make an interpreter on the META ? the screen is not enough, i suppose to code a scratch or a StarLogo but it's should be enough to code a line console for logo or basic. Did you think it's could be done ? did you find it's could be  a good idea ?

The idea, could be to have first to enter a good old basic like:



INPUT "Quel est votre age ?"; age

INPUT "Quel est votre nom ?"; nom$

PRINT "Bonjour, " + nom$ + ", vous avez " + age + " ans"


Something like that. I'm not sure it's could be a good idea, the instructions could be from a list a blocks with parameters, the variables too to make it easiest to program and understand.

I don't think i could do that but you, what do you think about that ? Maybe we could do a try and if we success, we could add events ans sprites ? It's maybe only a crazy idea.