Button labels?



1 year ago

Can you tell us what each button does? It looks like we went from 3 buttons to 2 but there are the 2 bottom rectangle buttons. Will those be usable in games? Or are they to access the gamebuino's menu and stuff

Aurélien Rodot

NEW 1 year ago

Buttons: D-pad, A, B, Home, Menu

Home pauses the game and allows you to adjust volume, take screenshots, get back to the game list and alike. It's included in the libraries and you don't have to worry about it.

Menu is available for the game designer to show the map, inventory or whatever you want. 


NEW 1 year ago

Is home rebindable ? Like if I want to use it as another button for my game (and put the option menu in a menu ?). I think we could do that with the C button of the original gamebuino.

Aurélien Rodot

NEW 1 year ago

No, home is not rebindable because it should always behave the same. Or else the user will not be able to exit the game or adjust volume. The "C" button of the Gamebuino Classic is now called the "Menu" button, and you can do whatever you want with it.

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