Creating games without a physical gamebuino meta


5 years ago


I'm new on this site and I recently ordered a gamebuino Meta. From my understanding, there's an emulator that already allows you to start developing for the Gamebuino without needing to own one. Since it will take a few weeks until I get my Gamebuino I'd prefer to start now with the emulator.

Where do I find this emulator? How complete is it? Does it only support a few features?

I already downloaded the arduino software IDE and set it up to work with the gamebuino libraries.

I've been studying C for about a year and haven't ever created any real software with it aside from some custom commands on Linux that allow you to call one command instead of 3.

How would you advise me to start?

I don't speak French so I won't be able to understand a lot of the conversations on this site.

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NEW 5 years ago

The online emulator can be found here:

It is pretty complete. The Gamebuino features it supports are handling the input buttons and drawing to screen, which is sufficient to play test most games. Even though I have a physical Gamebuino, I still use the emulator as well during development. One advantage is that it shows the screen a bit larger, which can be useful when tweaking pixels.

Some of the features the emulator lacks are sounds, control of the eight LED lights and loading and saving data. Furthermore, it does not support SerialUSB communication, which makes it harder to analyze difficult bugs.