Family Jewels



NEW 4 years ago

Drakker Drakker

Yeeee, when all game mechanics is working then its time to make all other, boring things done cause without it game would not be as polished as it could be :D. Glad to hear that game is almost done ;).


NEW 4 years ago

The following things are rather sub-optimal about family jewels:

  • an extra title screen to press A after the normal title screen (why, it's even the same image)
  • all background music is very noisy (a lot of background noise)
  • credits entry is blank
  • I expect to be able to go back with B in "Instructions", "High Score" and "Credits"
  • CPU load is displayed in-game - this should be for dev only, not for production
  • highscores aren't saved yet

Other than that, awesome game so far!


NEW 4 years ago

This game is slowly becoming my favorite :)

Here's my current high score :

I still have one high score to beat, though :p


NEW 4 years ago

Thanks, glad to hear this! I'm cleaning up the last roadblocks in my life that prevent me from actively coming back to this project... shouldn't be too long now.


NEW 4 years ago

I did it !! This game was soooo long :p


NEW 3 years ago

Cool game, please implement saving scores :)