Gamebuino META launched


Aurélien Rodot

6 years ago

Yesterday night, you were more than fifty to gather at our startup accelerator. Collaborators, contributors, partners, mentors, bankers, friends, family. It really touched me to see the interest and support you put in our project. Thank you all for coming.

We revealed what we have been working on for more than a year : the new Gamebuino META.

You have seen it come live on Kickstarter during the evening. We  didn't have time to share the big news, yet we already pledged 6806€ 6885€ over night.

We really want to make programming something fun anybody can try.

Keep the momentum up and support us today on Kickstarter! Tell your friends!

I can't tell you more now as we are packing to get ready for the Bilbao Maker Faire in Spain. Stay tuned!

"No-iron", they said.

Event photo credits: Frédéric Shadt Studio

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NEW 6 years ago

Made an account to say this: Congrats. I am very impressed with the tiny hardware, especially the 8 RGB LEDs.