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5 years ago

What is a Maker faire ?

It’s a faire on two or three days, which happen in more than thirty cities around the world. It’s an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. The goal is to show what you made or discover what other people made. You can participate as an exhibitors or as a visitor. To make you understand better, here are some images we took last year:


Last year, we've got the chance to participate in 3 Maker Faire. Bilbao in Spain, Kiel in Germany and the big Europe Maker Faire of Roma in Italy. This year we decided to do it again!

The Gamebuino Team will be here:

  • 29th to 30th September in Eindhoven, Netherlands (Sorunome, Siegfried)
  • 12th to 13th October in Rome, Italy (Aurélien, Sandra, Pierre)
  • 23th to 25th November in Paris, France (Aurélien, Sandra, Siegfried)

So, if you are around don’t hesitate to come and see us! We are always happy to meet members of the Gamebuino community.

In addition, we will have a very cool booth with a lot of goodies and giveaways!


Pick of the week is our new heading! Because we love to show our community talents. We want to pick in every news one of your creation: games, pixel art, music etc. And for this first time the Gamebuino team piiiiiiiiiiiicks drum roll




LED BUINO by BlinkyShay

LED-buino is a game where you need to go through colorful gates.
Each gate has his own randomly generated color.
To show which gate you need to pass, you have to check the colors of the Gamebuino’s LED.

We really love this idea and this little game!

Don’t hesitate anymore to download it.


What news do you want?

'cause these news are made for you Gambuinians, we would love to know what your favorite topics are. For us, it’s obviously the dressage of our fish Globulle and Dvorak, or the updates on Aurélien’s haircut. But, making you happy is above all!

? Take your mouse and click right here

Tell us!

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NEW 5 years ago

3 choices are not enough, you could let people choose all if they want, maybe a poll wher people could class from more wanted to less wanted, or just mark all they would read. Me for example, i could mark the eight below:

Choose your favorite topics *

X Reviews of the Gamebuino META (Article or video)

X Games

X Events

X Gamebuino team

Our fish

X Aurelien's haircut

X Promotional codes


X Pixel Art

X Tutorial


If y had to make a choice , i could restrict to 5 (reviews, Games, Events, Pixel Art and Tutorial) but why don't have news of the team, of the hairs adventures of Aurelien or miss the promotional codes ?

And as we have only 3 choices, we don't fill the Other field because we need already things of the list so we'll not be able to give you others idea, even atm i don't have any...

Other thing, you could maybe post a few about the backpack and publish the solutions to commuicate between 2 META, we have to show that for for next make faire, a naval battle, a pong, a 4 powers maybe a battle in a labyrinthe game, a race to play with 2 or even more players. That could be fun and show the under exploited capacity of the accessory and it's could be an opportunity to sell a cool already make accessory to plug in the META to allow network access, communications with others META or other things (maybe a bot, a telecommanded car or manage a installation (even to switch on a led or switch it off)


NEW 5 years ago

I would be nice if you guys installed ALL of the currently available games on the gamebuino of the fair! By the way, continue the game of the week! I like when some less known game get the spotlight. (I don't want my game to be on it tough, it's too unbalenced and the AI suck, I'll grab the engin and make something new out of it)