Looking for a 'New Game Release' Checklist



2 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have a created a new game that I wish to share for the Gamebuino-Classic, but before I do the actual release I wanted to confirm the expected key things that should be put in place that are specific to Gamebuino games. The last thing I want is to release a game and for it to cause trouble for you all.

From reading Games gallery template & rules from the old forums:

  • providing a means to return to the Gamebuino Menu (check - done via the C button)
  • use a recent enough version of the Gamebuino-Classic library (check - I believe 0.5.2 is recent enough)

I have set up a GitHub repository with source and hex file.

Apologies if I failed to find a post that covers all of this. If there is a better link I will happily consult that.

Once the requirements have been met, I will issue a post via the 'Share a Creation' button on this site. Is there anything else I should also do?

Many thanks in advance.


NEW 2 years ago

I assume you are talking about the classic - it sounds like you have just about everything! Hex file, repo. An INF file is optional but recommended, as it allows nice information about your game to be displayed in the loader (like an icon, etc)


NEW 2 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, Sorunome! Given the type of game it is, it may be a struggle to make good use of the INF file, but I will try.


NEW 2 years ago

I have seen these wonderful animations of game play in the creations section. How do they make them? I used the online emulator and print screen to capture mine, but I had to work on the image before it was in the correct size et cetera. I can't imagine myself doing that for several frames of game capture. Perhaps there is a better way?


NEW 2 years ago

The Windows version of Simbuino can create animated .gif, else you can find softwares to record part of the screen and convert it to .gif (can't name one, though).


NEW 1 year ago

Excellent. Thanks for that deeph. I'll give that a try next time.