5 years ago

Hi everyone!

MazeBuino is simple game where you need to passed thru randomly generated labyrinth.

Use d-pad to move and menu button to generate new maze.

You can also hold B button to turn on/off collision detection for player.

I used mine own deep searching algorithm as generator.
For now entrance is always on left with exit on right, but I'll change that soon.

It is my first game I ever made, so I hope for tips  :)
Also if you have any ideas what I can add to this game, I would be glad to hear it.

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NEW 5 years ago

Downloaded it, played it.

I really like the color palette here, the walls look very wall-y.  :)

I enjoyed it, prob. more as a little exercise than a game.

Maybe you could add a timer (maybe as an optional timed mode) that starts as soon as the level is loaded, or with a prompt (that covers most of the maze) asking; "Ready?". This way you could race yourself.

Little sound effects, for example when one bumps into a wall, and for the win state (maybe with lights?) would also make a big difference.

Very nice, keep at it.


NEW 5 years ago

yes or it's can be a part of another 3D Maze game to see "Map"

The titlescreen and icon are already fine.

I put some here just because i like it but yours are good. It's just that i like make some tries ... ;)


NEW 5 years ago

The game looks great, the walls look realistic! After you escaped, maybe also allow pressing A to continue to the next maze instead of just MENU? Also, some fancy light effects might make the win more awesome ^.^