[Pixel artists presentation] If your are a pixel artist, please present you and your works here (with some pictures or link even you're not a digital artist but a drawer, a painter, ...)



5 years ago

I open the post to list here all the meta pixel artists and better know your works, experience, asw...

Please present you, who your are, what you like do, what you could or like do for the Meta, ... It's your turn to write now  ;)


NEW 5 years ago

I might not be the best but I think i’m Getting better and better I think I can spend like 2 hours doing something 

And why not be doing something like a drawing contest ? What do you think

Ps= I don’t have access to all my files so I let this I made that 3 month ago it’s old and it was an idea i had


NEW 5 years ago

Its nice art, like part of UI of some Monopoly kind of game ;)