6 years ago

Hello, I decided to publish my game Pong META game. Its still working in progress, so please report any bugs that you found and I will try to fix them. ;)). I will be thankful for any suggestions to make this Pong better: D.

Source code:       https://ufile.io/uje3n


My source code is very very bad. I started with PONG tutorial that is written structural and I continued to code it that way (tho I can use functions or object programming). So sorry about mess in code, maybe someday I will rewrite code to use functions and be more organized. Anyway this is my first attempt at coding anything after like 1.5 year break from coding but I tried my best: Thank You all who helped me with my problems like  use of LEDs, or debugging by usb serial. 

Have fun! : D

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NEW 5 years ago

You can add a background, leds and a better graphics.


NEW 5 years ago

Sorry but source is expired. I can't have a view of it