Salmon Run - The Shoal Arcade



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makerSquirrel makerSquirrel

Noted. I'll see what I can do. For the text hiding the action: I've already lowered its default position so you can see a bit more of what the text is hiding, you can also move the camera to show even more stuff but making it transparent would make it unreadable. Typos, don't worry, I'll fix that later. The jumping has already been speeded up a lot in the developpement phase. Speeding could be only possible if someone helped when optimize the game because fast jumping with a lower framerate feels sloppy-ish


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New game!

Hey! I'm back and ready to announce the new PC/MAC/LINUX version of the game! This version is more stable and fluid but less immersive and authentic. If you don't have a Gamebuino yet, this is your game!

Game completed

I released the complete version of the game! I can still update it later but now, I consider it enough polished and stable.


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The game is now available in 160x90 online! The link is at the top of the post!
Also, I may start a new game in a few months. This one should be more fluid and exclusive to Gamebuino


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Quick news: I made 0.05$ with that game yet :D