Snake Game



6 years ago

This is my first game ever.

It is a basic snake game. You grow by eating food and each food gives you a point.

Version 1 Features:

  • Multiple speeds
  • High Score for each speed
  • Top quality bugs
  • Basic lights

Version 2 Extra Features:

  • More types of food, different colours give different points
  • Bug Fixes
  • Two Player!
  • New UI

I will be updating the game and fixing bugs as I go. Tell me what you think.

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NEW 6 years ago

works just fine for me!


NEW 6 years ago

Gonna play it today ;). Then I will tell my thoughts ^^


NEW 6 years ago

Thanks for the feedback DFXK2KX, most of the time it works without problem, but there is still the occasional bug.

Ether later today or tomorrow I will be releasing an update with an updated UI, bug fixes, and a couple of extra features. Here is a preview:

This setup also gives you a bit more room to play in.