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6 years ago

Hey guys,

Just posting to share my latest game Video Poker, a 5-card poker game for Gamebuino Classic and MAKERbuino. Really hope you enjoy it, any feedback is welcome. I plan on making a native META version of Video Poker in the near future which will feature color and flashing lights when you win :-)

Binaries, source, and readme available on GitHub:

During the bet round, use Up or Down to increase or decrease your bet. The minimum bet is $5 and the maximum is $100. Press B to deal the cards. Select cards using Left or Right. Press A to toggle Hold on the selected card. Press B to exchange unheld cards for new ones from the deck.

Winning hands and rewards are as follows:

Royal Flush: 250 x Bet

Straight Flush: 50 x Bet

Four of a Kind: 25 x Bet

Full House: 9 x Bet

Flush: 6 x Bet

Straight: 4 x Bet

Three of a Kind: 3 x Bet

Two Pair: 2 x Bet

Pair of Jacks or Better: 1 x Bet

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NEW 6 years ago

Cool, thanks, I had an LCD pocket game similar to this back in the 90s. Looking forward to the META version as well!


NEW 6 years ago

Nice and it's answer a question i had about an eventual port on META. nice news  ;)