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6 years ago

I was using the site as normal, Then come across a french thread and translate the page. that's when my rage began.

 Roses are red

Violets are blue

I'm really really mad

and I dont know what to do.

Was the page always French?

It makes me want to drench


now it keeps alternating

between English and French.

 And why does the topic creator autocorrect "N" to "not"?

I gave up rhyming

because now I'm crying

and the enter button just skips the cursor to a random area of the text above ^.

Is there any way to fix

This page from being half English half French

Why does backspace go back 2 characters!?


NEW 6 years ago

I know its probably not the site's fault and I did overreact because I was frustrated but sorry anyway


NEW 6 years ago