What would it take to add rumble to the GPIO ports?



6 years ago

I have some spare rumble motors from a 360 controller, I was wondering how I'd connect one to the GPIO ports? I assume it's not as easy as just connecting the 2 wires, but that I'd need some resistors or something...

Aurélien Rodot

NEW 6 years ago

Hi there :)

You can't connect your motor directly to the Gamebuino because it uses too much current, it would fry the output ^^

But it's very easy to amplify the signal with a transistor or a mosfet, a quick online search will give you some nice tutorials :)


NEW 6 years ago

yeah Mosfets are your friend here. If you still have the controller the motors came from, there are mosfets for them right on the controller. You'll also need a way to power them, since they'll draw more then the battery can provide as well. of course, using the smallest motors you can find is also an option.


NEW 5 years ago

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