Arduboy Crosscompiling

By Sorunome, 3 weeks ago

So, some time ago I worked on cross-compilation of Arduboy games.

For those of you who don't know, Arduboy is an Arduino-based gaming system, similar to the Gamebuino Classic but with a different screen and with a different MCU. You can find their website here:

Anyhow, here is a screenshot of cross-compiled Mystic Balloon:

And the settings page:

There are two display modes: fast and recordable. In fast display mode games should actually run at 60FPS.

Frameskip happens automatically if CPU usage goes up, and gets disabled again automatically if enough CPU time is free.

To cross-compile your own games you need to replace the Arduboy includes with the correct cross-compile library ones:

You will also need to remove everything that has to do with Serial.

On that note, use this at your own risk, some games may work better than others.

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NEW 3 weeks ago


Of course! Porting a game is prefered!


NEW 23 hours ago

I missed that but this is really awesome and you certainly spent a lot of time on this ! Well done :)

Will you spread compiled binaries ? (with the original author's agreement if needed ?) It would greatly expand the Meta game collection !


NEW 22 hours ago

I do not plan on spreading compiled binaries, it should however be very easy to cross-compile games yourself ;)

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