Every game needs its own assets, and everyone knows that, and to make those assets you need some tools. That's why you should consider picking the best utilities! (Note: feel free to suggests new tools to add to this list because it's far from being finished. Also, I bet Rodot will make an original version of this page. If it's true I'll delete mine.)

Sound and Music

  • Bosca Ceoil Great tool for making music. It has some chiptune options too If you want to make an 8-bit like music. [Free]
  • ChipTone One of the best chip sound generator. It's simple to use and way more complex than srfx. [Free, Online]
  • Audacity The good old audacity! You can also use it to downgrade your sound to a format readable by the Gamebuino META. [Free]

Sprites, Tiles and ART

  • Photoshop Incredible but expensive, if you have the means to buy it, I would recommend it. [Paid]
  • Piskel The #1 free pixel art tool! It can do animated sprites, it's open source... It's perfect! [Free, Online & Offline]
  • Aseprite *Added by SiegfriedCroes* Does all the stuff Piskel do but with way more functions to it. "It's totally worth the 10€" [Paid, Offline]
  • Gimp Can be used to convert PNGs to BMP [Free]
  • Gamebuino-Font Just the good old Gamebuino font repo. It has a small program that helps to make .h fonts [Free, Offline]

Gamebuino Related Tools

  • PNG to code Convert images to "flash" code lines. [Free, Online]
  • Gamebuino Tool Coming soon, a simple tool that I'm working on. It alows you to convert select parts of the image to multiple code images or one spritesheet. You can also chose to use a custom palette or the RGB565 mode. It can also help you make tile maps using the images you converted. [Free]